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Tux for Adoption
He’s such a cute handsome boy, who would love his own home after having to deal with indifference and being so unseed on the streets of Giza
He will tollerate othercats, not sure about dogs, and he would be fine with childrens
Tux rescued form a building stairs. His owners kicked him when he was feeling sick we immediately took him to the vet this was before 9 months Tux still waiting for his forever home, he is quite and cutie pie also so 弘
Help him to get new happy forever home.
If you think you can give him a loving forever home please get in touch. We adopt to Europe, the US, Canada and the UK and possibly other countries – contact us to ask! All our cats are also fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and can do FIV/FeLV tested.
Please contact us if you would like to offer her forever home or consider to share his profile so he has better chance to be noticed by potential adopters.

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Canada: 400$ CAD
USA: 400$ USD
Germany: 300
Other Country?: Contact for details

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