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Zee Animal Shelter, in the Heart of Giza, Egypt

The Current Situation...

Giza… in the middle of one of the biggest and most powerful ancient civilizations, a place we all dream to visit one day.  On the horizon  the great pyramids arise unchanging, silent. You can see them while walking nearby,  in a busy city full of day to day noise, rushed and thousand of problems…something is forgotten, once adored as a Gods…

You can see them, but the truth is that many do not… and the cats suffer and struggle for survival in silence. The cats are everywhere and it looks like the problem is out of control as never before. Not many efforts have been made by authorities to control the over population of cats in Egypt. Instead, to eliminate the problem thousands have being poisoned. Many others you can see in the streets… so, so many.

Without any kind of help, sadly, the cats which reach adult age do not live more than 2 years. When talking about kittens, some do not make it more than 6 months.

Diseases are also a big problem, as with big cat communities everywhere. Many cats develop chronic diseases such as flu and with the infections many go blind in one or both eyes. The possibility of survival nearly disappears.

But, in the chaotic scenario there are several shelters and associations striving to to help as many cats and dogs as possible…working daily tirelessly to find for as many as possible a much better life. That is also our AIM. Please get to know Zee Animal Shelter.

In the middle of chaos, there is still hope...

Who Are We?

At the beginning of 2018 the founder Zeina Emparez started the shelter with the aim to provide the very needed help to hundreds of cats in the district of Giza. Zeina started this project in a small apartment where she rescued and nursed back to health more than 1200 cats.

What started as a small project has grown with the help of sponsors, donors and volunteers in Egypt and in many other countries. Thanks to this, Zee Shelter has been able to find a forever home to more than 800 cats in the past 5 years. In 2019 the efforts made it necessary to look for a bigger, safer place where all cats get the needed food, rest and medical attention, so that they can recover and be prepared for adoption.

All this would not have been possible without the collaboration of the kind souls of our volunteers, donors and sponsors. Thank you a lot for helping us to make it possible for a better life for our cats in Egypt.

Our Mission

To rescue abandoned, mistreated and sick cats and even some dogs, from the streets of Giza, nurse them back to health and care for them until they find their forever home.

Zee Animal Shelter in Action

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The Zee Animal Shelter Founder

Hello, my name is Zeina...

I have been rescuing cats for more than 11 years. I first started as a volunteer in an established cat shelter but it did not have a good reputation. When I left there, around 7 years ago, I rescued my first cat called Harty in Alexandria state and continued to rescue more. With help and encouragement from others I was able to rehome 7 disabled cats from the bad rescue.

My mum loves cats and when I was growing up my family would feed the stray cats in our building which was the foundation of my aspirations to save and rescue injured and abandoned cats from the streets. I opened my own shelter in 2018 and now look after approximately 200 cats and 10 dogs. It is very rewarding to see our rescued cats flying off to different countries to live in their forever homes.

What Do We Do?

We rescue cats from the street​

We strive to help homeless cats in the Giza area. There are hundreds of thousands of cats in Egypt and the situation now is even more desperate than years ago. Cats are suffering unseen and unimaginably. Without rescue they will die from starvation, illness, injury or human cruelty.​

We help cats to recover their health​

Our shelter have spaces for the kitties to be comfortable in complete safety. Further, there are designated spaces for mothers and nursing kittens, weaning kittens, cats awaiting spay/neuter surgeries, recovery space for post-surgeries, and new arrivals yet to be vaccinated.​

We look for their fur-ever homes​

ZEE SHELTER is completely dedicated to the rescue, care, preparation, sponsorship, adoption, home checks, travel and fundraising for all of our rescued cats and kittens. We can help people from UK, USA, Canada, Germany and other countries adopt their Egyptian angel.​

But Wait...

We want to recognize and give thanks to all of our volunteers, in the shelter and all around the world, who even in the distance are working for our beloved animals. Also a big thank you to all our  sponsors. Without you Zee Animal Shelter wouldn’t exist. Thank you very much for being so human and for helping Zee to make the world a better place.

You Can Help Zee Animal Shelter

Become a

If it is complicated for you to adopt a cat right now but you are really striving to help, become a sponsor of one of our many cats. You can easily support the food and care for a month. Please check our different options here and become a FRIEND OF ZEE! (FoZee).

Become a

By becoming a Donor you really help Zee Shelter in the mission of getting an Egyptian cat a forever home. Your donation helps to cover the shelter expenses, rescue, feeding and the preperation of cats to be adopted. The more you help us, the more cats we can rescue and help!

Adopt an Egyptian Cat

Are you ready to open your heart and your home an Egyptian angel? Please check out our lovely cats in adoption… we are sure you will find you perfect match!

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