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Zee Animal Shelter Needs Your Help

Thank you for your interest. We need your help to keep going and to rescue as many cats as we can from the streets of Giza. We have created some options for you to determine which fits you better. You can immensely contribute to help a  cat in need and to help the shelter have the resources to continue with the rescue of more and more cats.  

Here are the way you can help Zee Animal Shelter:

The permanent sponsor of a cat until it is adopted

FoZee means Friend of Zee. This is a great option for those who are really striving to help but cant adopt. FoZee is a monthly recurring membership and you can choose the amount you want to donate. The charge will be automatic every month and you can choose what cat or cats you want to help!

Sponsor of a cat for one month

This is another great option for those who are really striving to help a cat but can not adopt right now. You can choose from one of our 100+ cats in the shelter and to decide what kitty you want to help to cover its expenses for one month. Its only $10 via Paypal. On the page of adoptables you can see all them. They all need either sponsorship or to be adopted.

By donations to the shelter

This is another great option. Here you can donate what your heart dictates, any amount will be highly appreciated and will help us to keep going with the rent of our Zee Shelter house, medicine and vet visits, cleaning, cat litter, food... You decide how much you want to give.

The permanent sponsor of a cat until it is adopted

Friends Of Zee (FoZee)

FoZee means Friends of Zee, and works very easy. You choose a cat you want to help and in the page of that cat there will be an option to be FoZee, and via paypal will be done the recurring charge of the membership. Is a great option for those who are really striving to help but cant adopt.

After you decide to become FoZee, you need to choose the membership level that fits you better, then, we would ask for payments for FoZee membership to be made either as a recurring payment via PayPal or as a direct debit payment to our bank account.

The charge will be automatic every month. These payments will give us a more secure monthly income and will help us to be able to pay our rent and salaries on time to keep the shelter running.

Benefits of FoZee Scheme

When you become FoZee, you get:


The newsletter will be released every 3 months and it will give you updates on new arrivals, adoptions and travel and life in the shelter.


We will be running three Instagram giveaways each year which have some amazing prizes. You will have free entries as part of your membership but you can also buy additional raffle tickets if you wish.

FoZee Options

FoZee Bronze

Welcome to the FoZee Bronze Level
£ 20 Monthly
  • Permanent sponsor of a cat
  • Free quarterly newsletter
  • Two free entries to giveaways on instagram (3 per year)

FoZee Silver

Welcome to the FoZee Silver Level
£ 35 Monthly
  • Permanent sponsor of two cats
  • Free quarterly newsletter
  • Three free entries to giveaways on instagram (3 per year)

FoZee Gold

Welcome to the FoZee Gold Level
£ 50 Monthly
  • Permanent sponsor of three cats
  • Free quarterly newsletter
  • Five free entries to giveaways on instagram (3 per year)

Benefits of being a Sponsor

By donations to the shelter

Become a Donor

You can make a one off donation for any amount which will go towards our day to day costs to run the shelter. We rely purely on donations to cover costs such as rent, salaries, medical bills, food, litter etc. We have approximately 200 cats in our care at any one time and more than half of them do not have a sponsor.

Benefits of being a Donor

Other Options to Help

Amazon Wish List

This is another incredible way to help, and amazon deliver the products straight in our address in Egypt. Here you will find some essentials to help the shelter to keep running.

Monthly GoFundMe

Zee Shelter isnt supported by the government or other groups. We are non-profit organization. With the donations made through GoFundMe we can buy cat food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, medicines, and also to pay the rent.

'You can't buy love but you can rescue it'.

“Now every night, I say a prayer to all the gods that be, “Thank you for the life I live and for all you’ve given me. But most of all, protect the cats in the pound and on the street. And send a Rescue Person to lift them off their feet.”

Or Even Better
Adopt an Egyptian Cat!

Are you ready to open your heart and your home to an Egyptian angel? Please check pit our lovely cats in adoption…we are sure you will find you perfect match!