ūüĆļūüĆļūüĆļDaisy¬† for adoption ūüĆļūüĆļūüĆļ¬†ūüĆļDaisy is approx 2 years sadly,¬† she was being thrown in the street because the previous owner didnt want her, so we receiver the report and we gladly are now looking for a¬† forever home to this sweet lady who deserve¬† a better love.¬†Daisy is¬† all a lady, calm and quiet, she […]


Soly¬† for adoption ¬†Soly is approx 2.5 years sadly,¬† his owner is so sick and she can‚Äôt keep him any more¬†Soly is a cute lovely boy and che really need a new home to call his own, he is very affective and good with humans.¬†He can travel to Europe, Germany, Canada and USA.¬†Soly¬† will be […]


Zozi¬† for adoption ¬†Zozi is approx 5 years old he was rescued from Port saied state before 3 years now with injured pow now he is full healthy,fixed and full vaccinated ¬†Zozi is a cute lovely boy but, not a lab cat until he trusted and love you ¬†Zozi just need a big loving so […]


Flocki  for adoption  Flocki  is appox 2 years girl we found her roaming in the streets of Egypt, Hello friends please meet our beautiful Flocki she‚Äôs so Lovely girl and can be your perfect pet ever she is quite like a cute pie. She‚Äôs has been in our shelter for 2 years now waiting her forever […]


Milo boy ¬†for adoption ¬†He was recued from the streets,starving and in poor condition…¬†Milo is still¬† apup, is a friendly sweet cat with a cute personality.¬†Is playful but¬† a quiet boy,¬†Milo is¬† perfect lap boy lovely with humans and catsHe do not like dogs¬†Rupert¬† is spayed and full vaccinationand ready for traveling ¬†Open your heart¬†¬†and […]


Rupert handsome up for adoption ¬†He was recued from the streets,abandones by his family… we found him in very bad condition broken his spirits.¬† Rupert has been in the shelter¬† for 2 years now, is a cute orange angel we really dont know why no one ask for him if is a cute pie.¬†His personality […]


Jude handsome up for adoption  He was rescued from a pet shop after his owner gave him away. He was found in very bad condition with a lot of fleas and a terrible flu and eye infecction. He soon recovered and blossomed in a beautiful happy cat. Jude is  a cute little angel very quiet and  […]


Amy girl up for adoption ¬†She‚Äôs recued from the streets. She is so lovely girl with humans and catsDogs¬†¬†not triedShe is spayed and full vaccinationand ready for traveling¬†Open your heart¬†¬†and home¬†. for Amy and give her a soace in your life¬†¬†Help her¬† to get new happy forever home.¬†If you think you can give her a […]


Pebbles up for adoption  Pebbles is a beautiful girl approx 1 year old. She rescued injured and only has 3 legs she is so lovely and quite and love other cats and dogs she also full vaccinated and neutered and ready for travelling to her forever home Pebbles was found in very sad situation…. after   rescued  […]


Boy¬†¬† ¬† for Adoption ¬†Boy is a cute calm cat, so loveely and grateful, we rescued him in a very bad condition from the streets after a car running on him.¬†¬†He¬† was struggling a lot wth a bad leg when was found¬† and had to be amputated, but he moves and runs and is a […]