Chip – for adoption Chip is a quiet and sweet cat, you can tell just by looking at his face. He is playful but not boisterousChip was a stray kitten that we found him chasing anyone look at him he was starving and begging for food he makes the perfect pet. He’s charming and people-oriented cat. Chip is […]


Brandon – for adoption Brandon is a quiet and sweet cat, you can tell just by looking at his face. Although he tends to be relaxed and easy-going. Mr Brandon was abandoned for when he was a 6 months kitten from a small rescue in portSaied state for personal reasons, he makes the perfect pet i’ve ever seen. […]


Please share him we know that he will have a less chance Smudge – for adoption Smudge is a quiet and sweet cat, you can tell just by looking at his face. Although he tends to be relaxed and easygoing. Was abandoned for unknown reasons, he makes the perfect pet i’ve ever seen. he’s charming and people-oriented cat. Smudge […]


Gremmie – For adoption “The eyes that you can’t resist”. Gremmie is one of the cutest boys in the shelter. He’s such a handsome romantic boy. I don’t have much to say about his history because we don’t know what happened. We do believe he was abandoned, and he wouldn’t make at the streets. Gremmie is looking for […]

Lyzen & Mizo

Iyzen & mizo – for adoption These two adorable Golden Cocker retrievers are twins. They were rescued from breeding farm, luckily there mother found a home.They are Golden Cocker Retrieve, Sweet, playful, and intelligent, luckily these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. They’re super affectionate and extra playful pooches. They such top […]


Azhar – for adoption  A beautiful Egyptian Calico cat, her has such a friendly cat. Azhar loves company either with humans or cats.We don’t know much about Azhar history and why she ended up in the street, but we know that she’s healthy and affectionate. She an adorable female looking for her forever home. Help her […]


Samy – for adoption “the most intelligent & affectionate cat I’ve ever seen” Samy is a 2 years old boy. His cruel owner called one of our team members and told her even to take him or he will leave him down the street. Safely he got to zee shelter and his foster described him as “the most […]


Our stunning Rocky, The Egyptian young man. He’s 5 months year old.One of the most spectacular personalities you have. He’s playful, energetic and attention lover. Rocky is loved from every one in zee shelter. He’s friendly and loves playing with other kitties (he’s not aggressive at all). One of the most energetic cats in zee shelter. Rocky […]


Heath is a  perfect love bug white short hair, Heath is  still a kitten so should be adopted with another young cat or by someone with time to spend on interacting and playing with him. Help him get new happy forever home. If you think you can give him a loving forever home please get in touch. […]


Adam is a sweet boy who has being waiting from a lovdely home for so long now. Is one of the most lovable members in zee shelter, we don’t know much about his history but when was found he was in very bad shape…. Adam  loves to play and to have attention, love and care. […]