Terrible fire in Cairo kill dozens of cats, owner in the hospital.

cat fire

Something terrible happened on February 23, 2022, in Cairo, Egypt. In a small apartment an old woman who was doing all she could to give a better life for more than 40 rescued street catss had to live the unimaginable…her apartment caught fire. The source of the fire is still under investigation but it is clear that it may have been intentional by someone who was clearly not happy with the lady helping all those poor souls.

She had received some threats from some unhappy neighbors, but she always thought nothing would happen until this unfortunate day. The complex burned to ashes and more than 20 cats died in the fire…some pregnant or with disabilities.

Some managed to escape with the help of this poor woman who was badly injured in the fire and is still in the hospital.

Zeina Emparez from Zee Shelter, as well as Mou Nira and Shahinaz Elshahawy showed up at the apartment to help to rescue the cats who remained alive.

Zee Animal Shelter keep 9 of those cats who are in desperate need of help. Some of them need their wounds treated and also dewormed, testing, vaccination, spay surgeries and food.

Your support is needed so we can help put these cats back to health, to find them eventually a forever home and maybe one day the poor cats will totally forget this horrible event in a lovely new home.

Still we need to gather £500 to cover these expenses. We plead for your help..find the link to donate below, every penny counts, God Bless.


Our Cats in Adoption


Our stunning Rocky, The Egyptian young man. He’s 5 months year old.One of the most spectacular personalities you have. He’s playful, energetic and attention lover. Rocky


Rupert handsome up for adoption  He was recued from the streets,abandones by his family… we found him in very bad condition broken his spirits.  Rupert


Hector   for Adoption  He’s such a sweet boy who would love his own home for Christmas. He will tollerate othercats, not sure about dogs, and


London – For adoption London is a beautiful British breed female cat. She gets along with children and cat-friendly. London is a smart girl and she will


Oreo baby up for adoption  She is a your kitten abut 4 months old rescued from the streets, was found alone and malnourished, begging to


Browny up for adoption!!  Browny was rescued from Alexandria state . He live at the shelter now and become so beautiful like a cutie pie

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